THE communicator's graphics app

Your own logos, colors and fonts
Text fields anywhere in the video
Subtitle with export in SRT
Shapes and symbols
Images from your Iphones Pictures
"Blur" for things that must not be seen

for business

Du you want to use your brand fonts, logos, shapes and colors on mobile film? Then you've come to the right place! We will load your Clipsk with your brand so that everyone in your company can make films - branded for you! Make sure that your Phone is updated to the latest IOS.

 for private use

Download from AppStore and get started! For 4.76 €/month you get an easy way to add graphics to mobile films. Add textfields, logo, shapes, images and much more! Subtitle your films super easy and superfast! Make sure that your Phone is updated to latest IOS.



Pictures from projects made in Clipsk