Mini package
616 €/year

5 apps with your graphic profile

Small package
1 046 €/year

10 apps with your graphic profile

about 15 % discount

Medium package
1 969 €/year

20 apps with your graphic profile

about 20 % discount

Large package
3 446 €/year

40 apps with your graphic profile

about 30 % discount

Extra app
123 €/year/app

Add extra apps to your package

WHAT happens next?

Step One

You will receive an email with login information for Clipsk administration tools where you can easily upload your graphic elements such as fonts, colors and logos. You also get a brief instruction that you can send to everyone who will use Clipsk at your workplace. We send invoices. Clipsk is paid annually and we have no binding period.

The minimum number is five apps.

Step two

You send out the licenses that consist of a username and password to your colleagues along with the simple instructions you received in the first email. When everyone has downloaded Clipsk from Appstore and logged into the app, it's time to make a video!

Clipsk.app offers simple tutorials and inspiration. All for free!

Step Three

Need more licenses?

Do you need support?

Then you quickly contact Clipsk Administration Tools.

We respond quickly.

Your Clipsk business packade contains:

  • Customized apps with your fonts, colors, logos, shapes etc. 

  • Support via mail/chat/phone

  • Pay annually.

  • No curing period.