Send         your graphic profile!

In order for Clipsk to automatically give you access to your graphic profile when you add graphics to mobile film, we need to upload your profile to Clipsk backend. All you have to do is send a folder of the material you want available. Follow the instructions below!

1. Create a folder 

  • Create a folder on your desk

  • Name it with your organizations name.


2. Logos and chapes 

  • Select the logos you want to use on mobile film.

  • You can also select plates and nameplates.

  • make sure they have a good resolution – no less than 100 k

  • Format .jpg and .png works.


3. Fonts 

  • Select the fonts you want to use on mobile film. We recommend you to choose maximum two fonts.

  • Make sure you have the following styles in the same font-family: Regular, Bold, Italic, ItalicBold

  • If you haven´t got them all – make sure you have at least regular and bold.

  • Format .ttf and .otf works.


4. Colors 

  • Select colors from your graphic profile to use on mobile films. You can use up to ten colors.

  • Hex code works #XXXXX. If your colors are in RGB or CMYK you can easily convert them to hex code. Just Google it!


5. Pack and send! 

  • Put all logos, chapes and fonts in a file.

  • Write the Hex codes in a word document and put in the same folder.

  • Name the file with your company name

  • Zip it and send attached file to

  • Done!